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FX -thru- HQ Holden Owners Cards (Not all shown here)
This is the Dash Swinger IMPORTANT Owners Card you would have had attached to your brand new Holden upon delivery.
Typically hanging on the Headlight Switch or Choke Knob. This Australia's most complete collection. Recently added is the late (Kph) HQ Owners Card to suit '74 Sandman and Monaro. All cards FX to HQ are now offered.

48-215/FX Holden Owners Card has a metal eyelet rivet which differentiates it from all other models. Being the first release Holden had not settled on the slip split design used on all subsequent models. The eyelet has a blue woolen string as per the original. (See pictures)

Trust earlyholdens.com to supply the "correct" owners card for your Holden. (We commonly see the incorrect owners card in the wrong model Holden at car shows). Select the Owners Card required from the drop down list.

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