NASCO FE-EJ 12/240 Volt Shaver

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Super Rare Genuine NASCO Remington 12-240 Volt (Australian) Auto-Home Shaver in Case and in perfectly good clean working order.
OK, $1200.00 sounds rich but where do you get one of these? Think about this - you happily (maybe begrudgingly) part with more than this every year for registration and when the year is done what do you have to show for it? At least with this shaver you have a "show item" that is rarely seen, a great draw card and something that is going to appreciate in value every year. I say the price is right, people pay way more for other NASCO items (Like the VDO dash clock) that is nowhere as rare and some/most of these don't even work!

Been to the FB EK Nationals EJ EH Nationals? Just about every car there has a VDO Dash Clock (more cars with them them than without) Hardly RARE and how many have true "rare" genuine NASCO items like the Remington AUTO-HOME 12/240volt Shaver? I'll tell you most likley NONE! Occassionally you'll spot the incorrect 12/110volt (USA) version! Maybe you might find another on display but not very likley!

Get real, get genuine Holden NASCO accessories.

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