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Venetian Blinds Image
Australia's Best early Holden Venetian Blinds
Meets and exceeds Australian Standards yet still has that authentic NASCO look and feel.
All Holden Models are catered for 48-215 to the most current.
We've been doing these for early Holden's for over a decade now.
Trust Venetian Blinds for your early Holden.

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Genuine NASCO Accessories Image
Genuine NASCO Accessories
Real deal, genuine Holden Accessories 1948 to 1972
Highly prized collectibles. Jazz up your old ride and be the talk of the next show. If you ever wanted a topic starter at an event, NASCO accessories fitted to your Holden evoke memories and adds desirability to your early Holden.

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Period Accessories Image
General Period Accessories
How cool are the 1950's and 1960's retro gimmicks and car accessories?
Not everything was left up to NASCO. In fact a lot of accessory manufacturers were official suppliers to NASCO.
Great Australian companies like Wibroc, Cyplas and Repco just to mention a few.

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Decals and Stickers Image Decals Stickers and Waterslides
Old vintage look and modern twists on Holden favourites.
Made using the highest quality materials and come complete with fitting instructions.

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Waterslide Decals Image
Old Skool Waterslide Decals
Just like the old rego labels. Soak in water and slide into position. These stick to the inside of your glass.
Many Holden and NASCO designs available. If you don't see what you after give us a yell!

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NASCO literature Image
NASCO literature
Restored NASCO print media. Lots of rare and valuable information on our favourite Holden subject NASCO.
Many, many hours go into restoring these items. All this after collecting the rarest of the rare NASCO literature.
From single sheets to complete catalogs. There should be something for the avid NASCO collector.

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Owners Cards Image
GMH Owners Card IMPORTANT notice to new owners.
Dash Swingers: These were attached to the headlight switch when you purchased your new Holden from the dealer.
Reproduction cards faithfully reproduced to exacting standards.
Currently we offer cards for FX, FJ, FE, FC, FB, EK (early), EK (intermediate), EK (late), EJ, EH, HD, HR, HK and HQ (MPH & KPH)
There are those who know the correct owners card for your model and those who don't!

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Mechanics Cards Image
GMH Mechanics Cards
Reproduction to exacting standards.
Currently we have FJ, FE-FC, FB, EK, EJ, EH, HD, HK-HT and HB Torana.

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Genuine GM Key Blanks Image
Genuine (GM) Holden Key Blanks to suit FE -thru- HX Holden's can cut your new keys to code. The code on your ignition barrel, door lock or the number stamped on your original key.

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NASCO Instruction Sheets Image
Genuine Holden NASCO fitment/description instruction sheets.
Many, many hundreds of NASCO accessories part numbers were produced and most came with the very own instructions.
early a large selection of these fully restored with loving precision. If the one your after is not listed here, please give us a yell.

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Prints, Literature, CD's, DVD's etc Image
Early Holden Posters, Restored Art, Genuine NASCO Acellerator Magazines, CD's and DVD's.
NASCO Wall Charts, Monaro Posters and other great products.

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Holden Tools Image
Holden Tools Right For The Job
Specialised tools for your early Holden. Ignition Bezel, Rear Main Seal etc.

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Fun Stuff Image