1958 NASCO
Accessory Catalogue

Part No 93-ACCESS-58 (Reprint)

NASCO was General Motors Holden spare parts division until 1973

Collecting, Restoring and Fitting NASCO accessories is a great hobby and adds glamour to your Holden, get to know what you are looking for with this fully restored catalogue full of images and descriptions. 

This 24 page catalogue shows 128 NASCO Accessories Fully Illustrated with description and pictures including part numbers. For GMH cars built up to the 1958 FC Model. Some of the items included are. Anti-Freeze, Power Brakes, Chrome & Glass Cleaner, Coolaride Cushion, Warmaride Heater, Number Plate Frames, Dual Note Horn Kit, Glove Box Lamp, Gear Leaver Lock, Steering Lock, Fender Marker, Mud Flaps, Push Button & Manual Tune Radio's, Wheel Dress Trim Rings, Poli-Mop, Venetian Shades, Weather Shields, Suit Case Set, Ventees, Windshield Washers, Polishes, Wheel Brace etc. 128 Genuine NASCO accessories! over 24 pages.
This catalogue is ultra rare and extremely sort after fully restored to perfection.
Condition: Mint Perfect New.
Perfect present for a loved one (this can include yourself!)
It should also be noted that many of the parts and accessories listed will also cover many other model Holden cars including
48-215 (FX) - FJ - FE - FB - EK - EJ - EH - HD - HR - HK - HT - HG
1948 - 1971
Perfect as a complete reference, show case display, car show display, investment or argument settler!

Secure your copy today, you won't be disappointed!


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