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What is an early Holden? The term refers to Holden cars built in Australia from 1948-to-1971
covering all models know as FX-to-HG.

Our website strives to cater to those who have an interest in Australia's Motoring Heritage
and the history, restoration, modification and enjoyment of

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Australia's Own Car

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This includes the sometimes quirky but always fantastic NASCO accessories.
Relive & Reminisce some of this truly classic Australian culture.

Currently the website is undergoing maintenance & improvement. 
Though, our enthusiast Forums, Mail Log-in and Venetian ordering pages are fully accessible.

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Visit our enthusiast forums and share the love of early Holden cars. Come look, talk, learn or educate others with a love for FX, FJ, FE, FC, FB, EK, EJ, EH, HD, HR, HK, HT and HG Holden's and do it without having to wade through all the useless irrelevant crap.

We only talk early Holden!

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